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Nova Scotia Performance Pathway Initiative (NSPPI)

The NSPPI is a new funding and training vehicle to develop young performance athletes in Nova Scotia. It replaced the old Canada Games funding model.

NSPPI is now in the process of assembling a squad of young squash players who will participate in this program.

PURPOSE: To assist provincial Junior Squash Athletes (JSA) on a performance pathway leading to a higher level of performance and showing promise towards achieving a position on a National Athlete Development Team (age group) and/or a National Team (Junior and/or Senior)Training Squad


  1. The Provincial Training Squad (PTS) will be comprised of JSA who show a willingness and dedication to train and improve and show a potential towards achieving a national standard in their age group.
  2. The Program supporting the PTS will consist of the provision for training and competitive development opportunities as determined in the annual plan. Such opportunities may be delivered through arrangements that the NSPPI Committee and Provincial Head Coach sets forth. The Program also includes provisions for coaching and funding assistance for clinics, competitions, and training camps for designated JSA.
  3. The content of the Program will be set annually by the NSPPI Committee and may vary subject to budgetary conditions and/or special requirements (i.e. preparation for the Canada Winter Games).
  4. The Provincial Training Squad (PTS) is established based on the Nova Scotia Performance Plan Initiative (NSPPI) whereby selected junior squash athletes receive assistance, in return for a commitment to maintain a formal training program and ongoing development and competitive schedule. Athletes are expected to show continuous improvement. The specific program requirements are announced annually to the JSA selected; at the time an offer to participate within the program is made.
  5. Between 6-8 female and 6-8 male junior squash athletes, ranging in ages 11-17year old, will be named to the PTS. The JSA selected will be reviewed on a yearly basis and not automatically on the PTS having been selected the previous year.
  6. Commitment and support levels will depend on where the athletes are in Year One, Year Two, and Year Three and Year Four Plus continuum of the NSPPI.
  7. The PPI Committee may, subject to budgetary conditions, and in its absolute discretion (expressed with reason), name additional or less junior squash athletes to the program.


  1. ALL PTS members are expected to adhere to a performance-training program to the best of their ability to provide the best opportunity for achieving the highest level of performance.
  2. Year One PTS members are expected to play squash on a regular basis and participate in at least two NS tournaments, including the Atlantic Open, and attend at least one NSPPI camp. No financial support will be given to Year One PTS.
  3. Year Two PTS members are expected to do the above, as Year ONE. They must also attend one - two tournaments out of province. No financial support will be given to Year Two PTS.
  4. Year Three PTS members are expected to do above as Year Two. They must also attend at least two camps and at least one tournament out of the Region. Some financial support will be given for this.
  5. Year Four Plus PTS members are expected to attend Squash Nova Scotia sponsored events (i.e. Nova Scotia Open and Nova Scotia Closed (if applicable) and The Atlantic Open Championships and a minimum of 3 other sanctioned tournaments within the Region (NB, PEI, NFLD). JSA are also expected to attend the Canadian National Junior Squash Championships and are encouraged to attend one additional tournament outside Atlantic Canada. Financial support will be given for these athletes. Year Four Plus PTS are expected to follow a Yearly Training Instrument (YTI) that includes on court training (matches, coaching sessions, solo, group training), off court (strength and conditioning, nutrition planning, mental preparation)
  6. PTS members who are in the province during a provincial training event (such as a camp or a Canada Games team selection trial) are required to participate in the event.
  7. PTS members are required to provide monthly training reports (June of one year until May of the following year, including the “off season”) to the Provincial Head Coach and/or a member of the NSPPI committee.
  8. A PTS member who decides to resign, retire (gets injured), does not complete the requirements of the program agreement, is not compliant with the requirement noted in JSA Obligations, or who is suspended from the PTS program may be ineligible for the program the next season. This will be determined based on a formal athlete assessment at year-end (May)
  9. A PTS member must be a member in good standing of SNS.
  10. A PTS member must obtain at least a club level of officiating certification.
  11. A PTS member must provide a letter of reference from a coach or a mentor.