Your Squash NS membership matters 

Squash NS is your "go-to" organization for the sport of squash in Nova Scotia.

We are your link to squash players, clubs, leagues and tournaments across Nova Scotia and Canada. 

Our mission is to promote squash to all ages with programs, training, coaching and junior development.

We keep you up to date on the rules, governance, policies and procedures here in Nova Scotia and across the country.

We are here for you, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Clicking the button below will take you to our SportyHQ organization page where you can join Squash NS by creating a player account and then paying your membership fees online with Visa or PayPal, For the 2016-17 season, an adult membership is $30, and student/junior is $20.

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Why join, you ask ...

Squash Nova Scotia is the "big tent" of squash in Nova Scotia.

If you like the sport and want it to continue and flourish in this province, then that is your reason to join.

True, a lot of the work of sports organizations like Squash Nova Scotia happens behind the scenes. But it is important work, done on behalf of you and the sport.

A lot of us love the sport because we love the community of people who come with it. 

Squash Nova Scotia brings that community together, helping to organize tournaments and leagues, providing and supporting training, coaching, youth development, and by making connections with other squash enthusiasts and organizations across Canada and abroad.


Here are a 10 reasons why Squash Nova Scotia makes squash a better sport:

1. Support and organize tournament, leagues, clinics for coaching and referee development

2. Squash NS gives you a Squash Canada membership, helping you stay connected to the broader squash community

3. Information about events and connections with players across the province

4. Managing relationships with corporate sponsors that provide balls and prizes for tournaments etc.

5. Providing additional insurance to players during Squash NS sanctioned events

6. Managing a provincial ranking system

7. Developing juniors and junior programs 

8. Financially supporting elite athletes, coaches, and officials to participate in national events

9. Connecting clubs and players throughout Nova Scotia via Facebook page, website and email newsletters.

10. Supporting women's squash